Action Learning for Schools

This is John's newest venture in assocaition with Lynda Haddock. Action Learning is a peer coaching process in which groups of staff and managers, either in the same institution or across several schools and colleges work together to develop shared understanding, improved work procedures and to learn new skills.Find out more here.

Inclusion and Behaviour Management

This training outlines the ways in which behaviourist, cognitive and humanist theories are used in inclusion and behaviour management. Assertive skills are taught and teachers become confident managers of a range of behaviours..Find out more here.
Teaching With Bayley and more useful videos are available on YouTube.

Student & Staff Collaboration Workshop

Staff and students give up last day of Easter holiday to work together.
Staff and students worked together at Cranford Community College to re-affirm core values and trouble-shoot key aspects of school life... Click here for more details

Teacher's TV

John Bayley has "HT of largest PRU in the UK" on his CV alongside his Teachers' TV record of over 90 award winning videos.

Super Bayley!

Check out John's exclusive interview with the Teacher's TV magazine here to find out more about his new series, thoughts on being a teacher and how he ended up soaking wet in a school corridor!