John Bayley

TDA Approved Provider


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John addresses behaviour issues in schools in a different way. He identifies successful areas of work and analyses the relationships, and then, using observation, video and direct feedback, he works alongside colleagues to develop and spread good practice. On his training days and sessions with management teams staff share and extend expertise and good practice. The two keys to this unique way of working are close observation of what already works and a solution focussed approach to the future. John uses the same approach in his work with challenging classes.



Why use "An Outsider?"

Where the key principles outlined in 'Method - Getting Started' are in place a school is likely to improve. However, schools in which behaviour is an issue are usually characterised by an absence of one or more of those conditions. Sometimes there has been rapid staff turnover and post- holders are inexperienced or demoralized. The management team may be short-staffed or contain individuals who are unhappy with their present situation and lack optimism about the school. Sometime protracted periods of interim management have left confusions in areas of policy. Under these circumstances groups of children may feel they have the “upper-hand” in corridors or classrooms.
The school may require outside assistance in providing one or more of the missing elements. Outside contractors therefore commonly provide support in areas of policy, audit or training.